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Jonathan Moore-Crispin (Pastor, Cedars Church, Stowmarket)

Most Christians believe that evangelism is important, but find it very daunting. Pete understands this, and has therefore put together the Enable Course to help Christians grow in their confidence in speaking about Jesus. I invited Pete to run this course at our church, and it was hugely appreciated by all that came. The content is very practical and firmly rooted in Scripture, and I was amazed at how much Pete managed to pack into a 6 week course.


We have also had Pete come and preach for us, and we were really blessed by that. Pete is a very engaging speaker who communicates with great insight and honesty. If you are looking for someone to preach on a Sunday, speak at an evangelistic event, or provide evangelism training, then I wholeheartedly recommend Pete to you.


Glen Scrivener (Evangelist & Director, Speak Life UK)

Pete is a superb evangelist. He has a beautiful faith in Jesus and a compelling way of sharing it. Whether in person or via video, he has a unique ability to draw in the listener and share with them truly good news. When asked to recommend evangelists, Pete is one of the first people I think of. He's a gem.

Max Paterson (Filmmaker, Valley Films)

I was blessed to be able to get to know Pete for a year in Eastbourne, and was constantly positively impacted by his absolute humility and passion for Christ. Pete has this gift for being able to share the gospel in such a respectful gentle way, with such power and without compromise. He is such a compassionate, friendly person to be around! It’s been really great to see his evangelistic media impacting people during this year and I’m super encouraged to see what God continues to work through him.

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Phil Bailie (Youth Pastor, Dungannon Presbyterian Church)

I have had the pleasure of working with Pete on a number of projects.

In our house he is known most fondly as "Pete the evangelist" because that is who he is through and through. I can't say enough good things about how he approaches talking about Jesus with people. He has a natural gentle charisma as well as a depth to his character which makes for a completely different evangelistic approach than I am used to through church and one that is so needed for here and now in this world!

What has been an ultimate pleasure is seeing how he has developed over the year I have known him and worked with him. His love for God and desire that people know how much He loves them has only grown bigger and deeper. This is very exciting for anyone he may work with in the future.

Dan Rackham (Manager & Content Creator, Go Chatter Videos)

"I've known Pete for four years and really value his feedback and ideas. It was a pleasure to work with Pete recently for 9 months at the Speak Life Foundry. Pete is winsome and kind and is really great at connecting with people from a mixture of backgrounds. He's gentle in the way he speaks to people and takes time to understand where someone is coming from. Pete's leadership style is supportive and encouraging and he's got a variety of skills including speaking, writing, filming and video editing."

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Paul Feesey (Evangelist, Speak Life UK)

"Pete was an intern with us at Speak Life in Eastbourne during 2019-2020. He has a real love for Jesus and a genuine desire to see people reached with the good news, particularly in the online mission field. He's a faithful preacher who spoke at a number of churches and events during his time with us and also played a key part in the development and creation of a number of our evangelistic videos. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

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